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7 May 2024, 09:00
31 Jul 2024, 17:00


Seoul, Korea



UNIDO Global Call 2024


The UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Italy launched the Global Call in 2020, marking it as UNIDO’s flagship annual event recognizing and awarding companies with innovative solutions to global challenges. Since its inception in Rome, Italy, the event has spanned continents, with subsequent events in Bonn, Shanghai, and Beijing. Over the years, Global Call has attracted over 2000 applications from 108 countries, fostering a dynamic global network of innovators committed to driving positive change through technology and collaboration.


The Global Call initiative has led to the initiation of 17 follow-up actions tailored for the winning enterprises. Particularly significant achievements include that these enterprises have participated in collaborative UN efforts such as COP 28 and UNEA-6. At COP 28 in 2023, selected winning enterprises from the Global Call 2022 participated as speakers to showcase their innovative climate-resilient solutions and share relevant experiences. At UNEA-6 in 2024, notable accomplishments were observed as four winning enterprises from both the 2022 and 2023 Global Call participated in organizing a technology matching conference with Nigeria.

Global Call 2024 hosted by ITPO Korea

In 2024, UNIDO ITPO Korea will host the Global Call 2024 under the theme 'FOODTECH Innovation and ISID: Nourishing the Future’. Given the gravity of global food system challenges and UNIDO’s priorities aligned with the foodtech industry, the Call aims to identify companies with innovative technologies addressing critical issues in the global food system such as hunger and unequal distribution. UNIDO ITPO Korea, in collaboration with the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion (ITP) Network and other pertinent divisions within UNIDO, envisions Global Call 2024 as a groundbreaking opportunity to significantly improve societal challenges across the entire food industry value chain.

Submission categories of Global Call 2024

Category 1. Production
Category 2. Manufacturing & Processing
Category 3. Distribution & Delivery
Category 4. Consumption

The submission categories cover a wide range of the foodtech industry sectors. With innovative technology solution in foodtech, enterprises of any size or nationality are eligible to apply to the Call within each category. Applications from women-owned enterprises and female researchers are strongly encouraged.

Benefits of Global Call 2024

Winning enterprises will receive UNIDO awards or special awards from partner organizations, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. Additionally, winning enterprises will enjoy benefits such as global promotion via UNIDO and media outlets, VIP networking at UNIDO events, tailored consultation by UNIDO experts, follow-up opportunities through the main office, and participation in the UNIDO Booth during the World FoodTech Expo (November 20-23, 2024, Seoul) along with the opportunity for idea pitching during the Expo.


UNIDO Global Call 2024 Web:

Application submission period: 31 July 2024

Application form

Award Ceremony(tentative): 21 November 2024 at Coex, Seoul

For further information please contact: