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ITPO Shanghai, China

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UNIDO ITPO Shanghai was established in 2001 based on an agreement between the Shanghai Municipal Government, Ministry of Commerce of China and UNIDO. The mandate of ITPO Shanghai is to promote both inward and outward investment and technology cooperation, and to achieve an inclusive and sustainable industrial development, by taking advantage of UNIDO global network and headquarters' resource.

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  • Implement the two-way investment and technology advisory platform (ITAP) to strengthen global partnerships; open up global information channels for investment projects and technology promotion through the UNIDO Global Call; and promote investment and technology application through innovative accelerators and demonstration bases. 

  • Introducing international standards and frameworks into China, and supporting the local green and digital transformation and enhancing regional business enabling environment (BEE) and investment competitiveness, through “Sustainable Industrial Parks Initiative”, “World Industrial & Innovative Technology Cooperation (WiiTs) Initiative”, and “UNIDO Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and Manufacturing (AIM- Global)”. 

  • Carry out capacity building activities around the knowledge sharing center for industry synergy, the empowerment center for impact investment, and the roadshow center for technological innovation projects’ business matchmaking, so as to serve for the staff of investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and equip young talents with Global Competence. 


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